Agency: MediaCom / mInteraction Thailand

The brief

New Year festival is one of the most important holidays for the Thai. Other than being counted as the time of happiness, the period is also known as a period of lost – with road accidents.

During the past decade, many ad campaigns on safe-drive were created and promoted by related parties. However, our insights shows that those works switched on the feeling of "accident is something distant and it could never happen to them in reality".

ThaiHealth aims to boost awareness of travel-safe during holidays with campaign that "allows Thai to realise accident is something close to us".

*The strategy

Our research reveals that Thais are social media addicted. To them, Internet and social network are the mean that connect them to their beloved ones. It is the most impactful tool that allows people to express their feelings.

We use stories and real footage from the deaths and their family to create long-form video on YouTube and Facebook as main media to drive-up awareness.