Agency: FCB Group Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

For past several years, two brands have dominated the ride-hailing app space in Malaysia...Uber and Grab. With their innovations, loyal fan base and more importantly, big marketing budgets, they were even winning over their previous enemies, the taxi companies with parallel apps such as GrabTaxi which allowed users to opt for taxis instead of private drivers.

Against such goliaths, minnows such as TaxiMonger, a local Malaysian taxi- hailing app was finding it hard to create their own space. Whilst the brand's focus of being a dedicated solution to taxi companies initially gave it a head start in the taxi-hailing space, Grab and Uber were being seen as more attractive business solutions.

Despite a limited budget of less than USD 30,000 TaxiMonger was determined to prove itself to taxi companies.

The Objective

Elevate TaxiMonger's from being 'just another app' to a valuable, solution driven business partner for taxi drivers and taxi companies.