Campaign details

Brand: Tate Britain
Client: Tate Britain
Agency: Grey Group London


Tate Britain was struggling to get enough people through its doors. Despite a founding mission of making art accessible to everyone, it had become a haunt for the informed middle classes.

The people we wanted to reach weren't interested in art. They didn't understand it, and the culture surrounding it made them feel inferior.

This case study is about a planner who felt the same way; how they found something to unlock it and used it to make art feel relevant to themselves and a whole new audience.

We armed our audience with a new sort of knowledge so that they would no longer feel stupid. Instead of using the norm - images of the art - we told the stories behind it. These stories of grief, addiction, inequality and even selfies reframed the art in a completely new way, that you could get excited about even if you didn't feel you belonged in the world of grand old Art Galleries.