Agency: The Brand Brewery India

Campaign Strategy

Tata Salt is India's leading salt brand with high volume share in the branded salt segment. Majority of Tata Salt's volume comes from Urban and TLP (Ten Lac Pop Strata) towns where it enjoys both high brand awareness and market share.

For Tata Salt the next BIG growth in volume was going to come from Small Towns & Rural Segment (Five lac population & below pop strata). In this segment as well Tata Salt enjoyed high brand awareness; but low conversions. Due to lack of perceived product differentiation consumers in these geography, would end up buying & consuming unbranded / local salt sold.

Tata Salt's sales volume in urban areas was also high where they enjoyed market leadership of 36.8% (Source: AC Nielson). However, their presence in rural areas was a mere 14.8% (Source: AC Nielson). Although Tata Salt was well known in the region, it was not translating into sales for the brand. People were just as happy using local brands because to them salt is, after all, just an ingredient.