Campaign details

Agency: TLC Marketing
Country: United Kingdom


TLC Marketing (TLC) is a creatively led, rewards and incentives agency, providing tactical 'everyone-wins' promotions for brands through an extensive partner network. They operate in an extremely competitive market, characterised by the excessive number of agencies all fighting for the same business and decision makers – Marketing Directors.

While being experts in customer acquisition for their clients, they recognised their creatively led, 'everyone-wins' approach to b2c promotional campaigns was not being emulated as part of their b2b marketing strategy.

TLC Marketing needed to become its own client.

Working tactically means business isn't guaranteed from retainer contracts therefore generating new leads is a critical to the business however this can prove difficult in such a saturated market.

The audience in this case was both the opportunity and the challenge. Marketing Directors are time poor and naturally switch off to sales messages because they get so many each day. Simultaneously they also have very high standards when it comes to marketing so whatever TLC created it had to be highly targeted, stand out and above all, relevant. It needed to cut through anything any competitor agency could do. It's rare for a Marketing Director you've had no prior communication with to acknowledge a piece of Direct Mail, let alone engage with a sales person.