Campaign details

Agency: These Days
Country: Belgium


An overdose of too good to be true claims by manufacturers has made many people sceptical about advertising claims. Just saying your product is 'incredible' through standard advertising is no longer enough to convince people. So an experiential approach was needed for our almost too good to be true claim: the SteaMitt & steam-mop kill 99,9% of all bacteria.

National context of the campaign

Everybody's heard the saying that the floor is so clean you could eat off it. Especially in reference to how well someone has kept their house. But you would never actually eat off it, right?

We launched Floor 99.9, the first restaurant where you eat off the floor, on the vintage marble floor of the Mercado Food hall in Antwerp.

The interior was meticulously designed as the next big trendy restaurant, minus the tables. We used the original design of the marble floor to isolate the areas designated for food from the parts where the waiters could walk.