Agency: Cossette


Extend SickKids VS campaign into Mother's/Father's Day to take advantage of an important donations window to encourage the purchase of a GBG.

Mother's Day generate $80,500 in revenue

Father's Day generate $35,000 in revenue


Parents of SickKids patients are strong and resilient for their families, but they have their moments of vulnerability that often go forgotten.

Being a SickKids Mom means there are moments when you're all alone and the doubt, worry, fear and pain get the best of you. These moments almost break you. But you find the strength. You are strong so your child can be strong. And you will fight through this.

Being a SickKids Dad means being torn between your need to be at the hospital and to keep things moving at home. As hard as it is, you have to get up and to go to work. But as each shift ends, you get to go to the hospital and the only job you really care about begins.