Campaign details

Brand: Aldi
Advertiser: Aldi UK
Agency: McCann Manchester

For five consecutive years, grocery retailer Aldi reported extraordinary, market-leading sales growth.1

Then, in 2016, that growth started slowing down.

In a tougher economic climate, Aldi found itself facing new competitive threats. As a result, Aldi's sales value growth dropped from 19.3% in 2015 to just 12.3% in 2016, effectively a £347m lost opportunity.

Not one to rest on its laurels Aldi focused on re-establishing previous growth levels to continue its assault on the UK grocery market.

This paper tells how Aldi responded, developing a bold repositioning campaign that spurred the brand on to a new wave of growth.

Through the 'Everyday amazing' campaign, we persuaded more Aldi shoppers to visit more often by reappraising Aldi as a credible store for top-up shopping, raising overall shopper frequency from 19.1 visits per year to 19.8 visits per year.2