Campaign details

Brand: Samsung
Client: Samsung
Agency: Iris Sydney

Executive summary

"Australians play sport, watch sport, bet on sport and talk sport more than any other natior" - The Australian Immigration Book, 2016

Sport is a big deal in Australia. From participation, fandom, and betting, to social codes and cultural values, it runs deep through the nation's veins. Forty-three percent of 15+ Australians attend at least one sporting event each year.1 The sector generates $llbn annually.2 There's even a public holiday to celebrate 'the race that stops a nation'.3

Against this backdrop, brand sponsorships have seemingly thrived; an exchange of easy cash for easy mass-access to a passionate, captive audience. Slap a logo on it, build an experiential rig, leverage a sports-star ambassador... follow the conventional playbook and your brand has guaranteed exposure to millions of attentive eyeballs. It's ostensibly a win-win formula, with success stories from Qantas' Wallabies to CommBank and Cricket.4