Campaign details

Brand: Skittle
Agency: ICF Next

The Challenge

The Super Bowl is the world's biggest marketing platform, as well as one of the largest candy-consuming days of the year. That's why Skittles spent years shelling out upwards of $5 million for :30 of airtime during the game.

But, in 2018, after years of watching its pregame stunts eclipse its in-game ads, the brand decided it didn't need an ad to own the platform. It made a full-fledged, David Schwimmer-starring spot for an audience of one teenager, and the resulting media blitz boosted sales (and captured 10 Cannes Lions).

So, entering 2019, the brand had a simple brief: Do it again, only bigger.

The Idea

Instead of making a 30-second Super Bowl ad, Skittles decided to make a 30-minute Super Bowl Sunday musical. Seriously.

Even for a brand that's renowned for putting a twist in reality, this idea prevented a significant communications challenge: We had to prove to a disbelieving public that what we were doing was real, while preserving enough suspense and mystery for the one-night-only performance to succeed.