Agency: PriMedia Inc./Nail Communications


We had two main objectives:

Create motivational messaging capable of convincing as many "lapsed" donors and potential new donors as possible that donating enough blood to meet the community's daily/yearly needs (200 pints per day/75,000 per year) is a SHARED and continuing responsibility, that shouldn't be unfairly foisted on "Someone Else".

Somehow find a way to get our message (Help Someone Else. Become a Blood Donor), out to all potential donors @ the lowest possible cost, but often enough and long enough to bring the blood supply back to minimally acceptable levels, over a full 12 month period. That meant achieving at least a 13.1% increase in donations (including a 50% increase in "lapsed" donors returning to donate multiple times) over 12 months to make up for the 3 year decline, even though only 37% of the population is qualified to donate blood and only 5% of the population normally does.