Campaign details

Brand: Princess Cruises
Agency: Burson-Marsteller Shanghai

Project Summary and Situational Analysis

China has long been recognized as the future of cruising. In 2017, the China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association released a report that found that the number of Chinese cruise travelers has increased ten-fold within the past five years. Princess Cruises, an American premium cruise line first entered the booming China cruise market in May 2014 and was considered a late-comer. It quickly found itself overshadowed by two dominant international players who launched their flagship ships in 2015 and 2016 consecutively.

In 2017, Princess Cruises decided to make its biggest splash in the market by deploying a new ship, Majestic Princess. The challenge was: how to do this successfully in a market full of competitors with strong brand presence and competitive flagship ships while maintaining a higher revenue contribution?