Case Summary

Phillips 66: The Elwood Moment

"A full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing shades. Hit it."

Phillips 66 owns three distinct regional gas station brands: each competing in perhaps the most mundane and unloved of categories. A category where many competitors own their stations and employ staff directly, so can try to improve brand experience, but Phillips does not own or control any aspect of the physical experience other than the branding and the gasoline you buy.

Not only did they need to find a way to be more than the somewhat unpleasant necessity people believe gas stops to be, they also needed a common underlying strategy that could carry three very distinct advertising expressions but allow promotional and reward activities to be coordinated with similar mechanics and themes for operational efficiencies.

Enter "The Blues Brothers" as cultural insight, neatly summing up a consumer and cultural insight we uncovered through mood tracking before and after gas stops: While people will tell you they hate stopping to fill up, it does in fact make them feel better. Their mood measurably improves. It is a positive inflection point in the day that leaves them both physically and emotionally ready to go do what's next.