Agency: FCB Group Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

"Malaysia has some of the best roads in the world I've ever seen" — Lewis Hamilton, F1 Champion Race Driver.

What Lewis may not have witnessed or known, is that Malaysia also has some of the worst drivers in this region. In the World Health Organisation's "Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015", Malaysia ranked 28th out of 178 countries in having the most road accidents.

With over 62,000 accidents reported in 2015 alone, Peugeot believed that making Malaysians drive safer was a cause worth being part of, especially when it came to protecting the lives of Peugeot owners and their families. The brand knew that preachy 'Drive Safe' advertising wasn't going to cut it. It had to find a better way to encourage families to drive safer

The Objective

Inspire Peugeot car owners to drive safer and reduce the probability of road accidents.