Campaign details

Agency: Havas Dublin
Country: Ireland


PepsiCo is the world's second largest Food and Beverage Company, comprised of a large number of brands including Pepsi Max and Doritos.

In July 2015, PepsiCo signed a global sponsorship with The UEFA Champions League (UCL). This was the first Pepsi Max and Doritos sponsorship to be activated within Ireland.

As a result, PepsiCo Ireland wanted to leverage this global event to gain more relevance with Irish football fans in a local way.

Crisps/chips are a top snack choice of football fans, and soft drinks one of the top beverage choices, with key competitors in this space Pringles and Coca-Cola.

The main challenge was to make this global sponsorship resonate with Irish football fans in a tangible way. Budget for local activity was limited, so we needed to develop a concept that would work hard to be relevant, disruptive and engaging. We also had a strong opportunity, as this global sponsorship created common ground between the brands and something their consumers cared about - football. Localising this connection in Ireland was our most important task.