Agency: FCB/SIX


As with many marginalized groups, the global LGBTQ+ community has been engaged in a long and ongoing struggle for equality. To a large extent, that struggle plays out across a country's laws, rights and cultural landscape. For example, marriage equality, adoption, blood donation, military service rights, even the rules surrounding gender assignment on government documentation - each can have a profound impact on a person's life. And each are governed by specific public policies and laws. This is a lot of data. And navigating it creates ongoing complexity.

From its work as a peer-to-peer not-for-profit supporting the LGBTQ+ community, Pflag Canada knew that inequalities are both widespread and vary widely depending where you are.

Our brief: draw attention to these inequalities - and help the LGBTQ+ community navigate them.


  • Shine a light on global inequalities.
  • Engage global LGBTQ+ travellers.
  • Bring scale to Pflag Canada's mandate.