Agency: Geometry Global Hong Kong

Campaign Strategy

Every year, 1.7 million children under the age of five were killed by diarrhea and pneumonia. Handwashing with soap is among the most effective and simplest ways to prevent this global tragedy. However, getting children to wash their hands properly can be a challenge for developing regions like rural China. Despite China's rapid development, it remains a developing country where public education still falls behind in rural areas. When children aren't taught the importance of simple hygiene measures like handwashing, germs and viruses can easily spread.

Orange Clean is a Chinese brand of hand soap that is made of 100% non-toxic materials, making it the ideal product for young children to wash their hands with. They wanted to help educate children in rural China, lower the risk of diseases, and improve overall health conditions. It needed a behaviour-altering campaign that could impart children with the life-long habit of proper hand-washing. In order to achieve that goal, we created a way to get kids to wash their hands for 20 straight seconds (the recommended time by the World Health Organization) with an innovative soap pump and an endearing story.