Agency: Astro Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

Three years ago, the local film industry experienced a slump, with ticket sales decreasing drastically. In 2014, box-office revenue totalled only RM75.3 million from 81 films (with RM17.2 million coming from an anomalous single film, The Journey), as compared to RM126.5 million from just 42 films in 2011. The dismal Gross Box Office (GBO) numbers continued in the first half of 2015 until Polis Evo came which changed the film landscape. Insights have shown that previous decline in the cinema-going numbers was largely due to audience being disappointed by the poor-quality films that paled in comparison to international releases. Since Polis Evo audience's expectations have risen and expect nothing less than a good quality film.

Insights have also shown that the film industries track record for genre's preferred by local audiences are primarily Action, Comedy and Horror. Other film genre's such as dramas, musical, thrillers & sports didn't do as well based on past collections. Today audiences are more selective to invest money on entertainment to watch a film, may it be local or international titles.