Agency: Wunderman-Bienalto Australia


Thousands and thousands of NSW residents who want to build or renovate their residence know what they want to do. But adhering to the rules set by NSW Planning & Environment can get in the way.


Decipher the millions of pages of building codes and planning regulations, express them in plain English and empower residents to get on with the renovation plans they dream of.


Renovating or building a home is easier said than done. Finding and adhering to complex building codes and planning regulations can be daunting without the right help or advice.


We knew that if we could provide residents with a tool that was easy to use, interactive and intuitive, we could empower them to progress with their building plans worry free.


Working collaboratively with NSW Planning & Environment, we converted planning legislation into 3D, turning the raw data of over 2.6 million NSW addresses into 46 living 3D.I.Y. buildings.