Situation Analysis

With its mission to eliminate preventable deaths in America, the National Safety Council (NSC) is facing a new killer of unprecedented magnitude. The opioid crisis is now considered the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history. Although Americans have heard about the crisis, 40% don't consider prescription pain medication as a threat to their family.

But the facts are chilling: approximately 22,000 Americans die annually from a prescription opioid overdose — one every 24 minutes. Thirty-three percent of prescription opioid users don't know they're taking opioids. And 64% of opioid misuse starts with people using someone else's medications.

What Americans didn't know was killing them.

NSC needed a dramatic way to: 1) Wake up America and its public health policymakers to the urgency of addressing the problem, 2) Dismantle misinformation and common misconceptions surrounding opioid addiction, and 3) Offer new solutions to help consumers seek opioid alternatives, and reduce opioids in circulation.

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