The move to mainstream: Key trends in US multicultural marketing

Geoffrey Precourt

The size of the Association of National Advertisers' (ANA) annual Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Conference has doubled in just two years (more than 700 registrants signed up for the 2011 session in Miami Beach, Florida).

But the consensus among the event's speakers was that a convergence of a changing American population and the mainstreaming of emerging technologies may soon render the assembly obsolete.

Powerful arguments came from senior marketers that multicultural programs not only have become integral parts of general-interest efforts, but that such efforts have become the dominant influence in the way they communicate with their audiences.

Bob Liodice, ANA President/CEO, offered empirical support for the mainstreaming of multicultural programs: "Multicultural is the new general marketing," he insisted. "Let's embrace it. Let's not think of it as separate."