Campaign details

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Executive Summary

In an Australian retail market flooded with sale messaging and promotions, Myer's 6 Second Sale created an innovative new sales mechanic, a brand-new communications medium and successfully used FOMO to spur apathetic Australian customers into action.

It used hundreds of individual sales offers, delivered sequentially via 6 second Google Bumpers to individuals based on their recent search behaviors. Participants had six seconds to respond to an offer or miss out on that deal forever.

Helping to reverse a 3% YOY sales decline in Myer's mid-year Sale event, the campaign delivered over $825,000 in sales from just a $40k media investment.

Total Campaign Expenditure

What was the strategic communications challenge?

Over the last five years, retail sales in Australia have softened. And Myer, Australia's largest Department store, has been hit harder than most.