Agency: Entropia Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

There exists a huge segment of casual gamers in Malaysia that were waiting to be tapped. In order to amalgamate these two segments, we needed to restage the challenge while staying true to the Mountain Dew's equity via Dew Challenge. We understood that despite the differences in intensity, all gamers share a similar core DNA. Gamers seek thrill from CHALLENGES, are motivated from DISCOVERING, and crave to be at the centre of the LATEST trends. For an app to be fully appealing for users, its core gaming functionality needs to appeal strongly to the HUMAN SENSES to elevate the essence and COMPETITIVENESS which is a large portion of the Dew spirit. We took cue from how Augmented Reality GAMIFICATION feature was taking the spotlight worldwide and understood how creating this Dew Challenge app can elevate the BRAND'S EQUITY.

We understood that both casual and hardcore gamers would be drawn to intriguing and innovative starting points as a captive point and building addiction and dedication to the game depended a lot on the spectrum of engagement.