Agency: Entropia Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

By the end of May'16, the carbonated soft drinks (CSD) volume growth was on a plateau with marginal growth at 1% in Volume. Competition was tight as CSD players were dropping prices making Category even more intense in price competition. Within a challenging environment in a stagnating category, Mountain Dew and Fanta was the only Brands which saw an inverse order amidst the stagnation, cushioning the effect of the said Category. With the combination of the size of the Cola Category and low pricing from Competitors especially Fanta, growing volume and gaining share within the category was an uphill battle. To make matters worse, many Malaysians have moved into a healthier beverage option, leaving CSD consumption only for festive seasons.

When Mountain Dew launched its new thematic campaign of "It Doesn't Exist Until You Do It" in mid-May 2016, its successful launch continued the sales momentum from the previous year, where the Neon campaign (relaunch) garnered the highest ever sales volume and has maintained ever since. The need to sustain or push higher volume and sales becomes more apparent, more so in beating the odds of a declining Category. Mountain Dew with the mantra of "Do the Dew" needed to ride "against" the wave of a declining Category. In order to stem the decline, building Brand Equity was equally important to ensure a sustaining growth in volume. The Dew Challenge was an annual event designed to foster brand growth and loyalty amongst the consumers.