Executive Summary

Metamucil has a long history in constipation relief. But in recent years messaging was repositioned to general health and wellness to appeal to a broader audience. Brand share started to decline. So we developed a campaign that combined both regularity and gut health. We had three objectives: increase sales by 15%; grow penetration by 10%; and grow Metamucil brand awareness and core brand equities by 10%. We achieved sales growth of 50%, penetration increased 21%, equities grew 54%, and the category expanded by 10%. Most importantly, it helped the nation talk about the need to stay regular to stay healthy.

Challenge, Objectives & Strategy

Poor diets and stressful lifestyles continue to drive digestive issues in Australia. Six out of 10 Australians do not eat adequate fibre, and even more don't get the right combination of fibres. This is why 1 in 5 Australians suffers from constipation. Despite how many people are affected, Australians are blocked, reluctant to ask for help to solve the problem, particularly those 25-55 years old, who do not fit the 'fifty, fat and flabby' stereotype of the constipation sufferer.