Agency: Digital Arts Network Singapore

Campaign Strategy

  1. Background: Strategic Challenge
  2. Fuelled by their hyper-connectivity via mobile, consumers have never been this impatient before and actively find ways to avoid any interaction with brands. Exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day, consumers of the digital era have zero tolerance for irrelevance. Therefore, it is important for brands to ensure that every interaction they have with the consumer is meaningful.

    In order to for our communication to be meaningful, we needed to ensure that we are highly relevant in the lives of the consumer, delivering timely messages that answers to their different desires and needs, in the different micro-moments in their lives.

  3. Target Audience
  4. Based on India's travel statistics, the months of May and June are the peak outbound travel seasons of the country. From further analysis, we were able to define our key target audience as mass-affluent Indian parents, as our data showed that they were the group with the highest propensity to be planning and booking in advance for travel from March to May ahead of the summer school holidays.