Campaign details

Brand: Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Context of the campaign

  • Employee safety is a critical pillar in a manufacturing set-up.
  • While highest standards of safety are upheld inside Maruti Suzuki plants, there had been instances of road accidents.
  • Nearly 90% Maruti Suzuki employees use a vehicle to come to work.
  • We wanted to drive the message – Safety is not just confined to workplace; it extends to home and on road as well.

Our challenges

  • Over 30,000 employees across three factories in Haryana, Corporate Office and a field team across India.
  • Diversity: A mix of factory workers, executives, Japanese expats, young diploma holders, fresh college engineers, trainees etc.
  • 100% coverage. None to be left.
  • No computer/internet access to 50% employees.
  • Multiple shift timings of four shifts.
  • Already a clutter of messages on safety, besides slogans on quality, team work, productivity etc. How do we cut across?


  • Need for Seat belt and helmet awareness among Maruti Suzuki employees.
  • Finding Synergy: PehniKya – a pan India external campaign was already being undertaken by Maruti Suzuki for seat belt usage.
  • Way Ahead: We deiced to synergize with PehniKya. But there was a need to design a separate standalone campaign only for employees.
    • Campaign to be executed by separate teams with separate budgets
    • Need to integrate helmet with seat belt for large number of two wheelers
    • Use traditional tools but experiment with new tools and messaging that cuts across categories
  • Use Humour not Fear: Traditionally, in manufacturing messaging around Safety is always built around fear – the fear of death, injury, loss etc.
  • Break the cliche and use humour instead.

The execution

  • Microsite for employees
  • Seat belt cozys – contest prize
  • Baseline survey – of over 300 employees
  • Selfie contests – popular choice
  • Nukkad Naatak – multiple shows
  • Bunty, the Bubbly – interactive
  • Bollywood comics – common interest of factory workers and executives
  • Quiz and slogan writing
  • MD's letter – high impact
  • New bulletins – daily
  • Magazines – quarterly
  • Newsletters – monthly
  • Gate arches
  • Wall murals – creative interpretation

The start

A baseline survey of employees was undertaken. Some findings:
  • Only 80% awareness on rear seat belts.
  • Only 6% recall airbags as a safety feature.
  • 7% don't consider helmet as extremely important.
  • Communication needs: innovative and not preachy or boring.
Began with messaging by MD, followed by traditional tools.

Getting into Maruti Suzuki's own skin