How should TV and social media be used to maximum effect?

This essay was the Gold winner in the Admap Prize 2017.

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It's a beautiful day in June 2016 in Cannes. The good and the great are having a drink, congratulating themselves on how deeply they understand the modern marketing world.

While the sun shines down on these masters of the marketing universe, there's something else happening in an annexe of the Palais des Festivals, the conference centre for the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In this room, advertising effectiveness expert Peter Field is telling advertising planners that the most creative campaigns in the world have halved in effectiveness since 2011. He's telling them that we're on a path to rendering creativity useless as a business tool in advertising. He's telling them that this is happening because marketers and agencies are focusing on underfunded, short-term campaigns that misuse digital channels in general and social media in particular. While he is telling them this, festival delegates in other rooms are applauding award-winning case studies that the 'internet went crazy for'.