Campaign details

Brand: Maltesers
Client: Mars
Agency: AMV BBDO


In a high-pressure segment, with a string of failed communications campaigns behind them, in 2016 Maltesers were in a tough spot. They needed effective communications to help maintain their position in the segment, but felt penned into a corner by over-analysis of what did or did not work.

When the Superhumans Wanted competition launched, Maltesers seized it as a catalyst to break this cycle. It was a brave move. Everything in the Maltesers brand DNA is about lightheartedness, and people laughing at themselves, which is not compatible with the way society views disabled people. It could easily run the wrong side of tokenistic and taking advantage.

However, it was a resounding success. It was the first campaign to pass pre-testing and in-market testing in 8 years; created a 7% uplift in sales of Maltesers; garnered over a million views of the YouTube video in less than 24 hours; industry and consumer press headlines; and even an invitation to the House of Commons. All brilliant outcomes for a brand under pressure.