Agency: Wizcraft India

Campaign Objective

  • Redefine itself within the broad perspective of style and beauty while still retaining its communication as the preferred brand of the stars.
  • To celebrate the leading ladies of Bollywood, while differentiating it from other Awards Events.
  • Create a property that would be aspirational and classy, yet not be too niche so it would attract viewership from the brand's middle class & B-town female target group.

Campaign Strategy

  • To meet the objectives, we created an Awards event that honoured the leading ladies of Bollywood; recognizing their talent through the portrayal of their characters in films.
  • The Awards were named the 'Lux Golden Rose Awards - Stars Become Legends'.

Campaign Concept

The name Golden Rose was derived from the brand credentials where 'Gold' promotes the regal lineage of Lux as the beauty secret of film stars. 'Rose' was significant of the brand's fragrance credentials and provided visual imagery to the brands communication. LGRA (Lux Golden Rose Awards) were designed as a celebration to honor the ladies of Bollywood who created impact with the beautiful and glamorous characters they played. The categories were defined based on the characteristics of the Lux Lover: iconic, spirited, magnetic, glamorous. 9 categories awarded 9 Leading ladies based on the characteristics of the role they played in films. The Awards Celebrated the role played in the film and hence immortalized the winners as Lux Legend.

Campaign Execution