Leo Burnett
Procter & Gamble

Situation analysis

Overall assessment

"Check out the functional benefits of this pad" posted @NoTeenEver.

For decades, the Feminine Hygiene category successfully built brands through advertising that showcased functional superiority benefits. Always, the category leader was a master at this. However, the landscape was drastically shifting to become more social. Women and girls were looking for content beyond product stories.

Brands like UbyKotex and HelloFlo were creating relevant social voices that were changing category conversation and we found ourselves quickly losing relevance with our girls. Although girls loved the Always brand at shelf, our functional focus had only successfully captured their "heads" not their "hearts." Our unaided awareness had decreased in the beginning of 2014, and we wanted to act fast.1 If we didn't start acting like a true leader by building an emotional connection and relevancy, we'd soon cede our #1 position.