What was the irrefutable consumer insight?

Love & support are the most important back to school items a parent can provide their children.

Describe the marketing challenge.

In the Fall of 2017, more than 60 million children made their way back to elementary and high schools in the United States. Anticipation, excitement, and more than a small amount of anxiety stirred in these kids as they prepared to trade the lazy days of summer with friends, siblings, and parents for mornings and afternoons spent away from home. The mass migration of children also produced a level of purchasing estimated to reach $29.5 billion on supplies, clothing, backpacks, lunch boxes and snacks. Brands rushed to gain some portion of this spend as the market quickly became saturated with "low price guarantees" and slick, image-conscience apparel campaigns.

The satisfying and distinct Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treat – which their parents (and their parents' parents) would have made for them by hand but was now available as neatly packaged individually – held great nostalgic value for the moms and dads preparing their children for another school year adventure. Treats enjoyed a unique spot between unhealthful indulgences (like candy bars) and dull healthy snacks (like vegetables). Yet Kellogg's "ooey, chewy, snap-crackle-pop-illy" Rice Krispies Treats was losing significant ground to other lunchtime snacks as awareness and consideration figures fell year after year. Treats had become more of an impulse purchase, and less of a staple in the household.