Closing The Tech Skills Gap

Burdened with raising families on their own, many women across Africa do not have access to even the most basic technology skills. To help right this injustice, Intel launched the She Will Connect programme in 2013 to connect more women to the Internet and basic technology skills – ultimately empowering them with access to economic and social opportunities.

But, in order for these women to make use of the programme, She Will Connect first needed to be brought to their attention. Intel's initial target had been to reach 5 million women in five years. But, at the start of 2018 it was still roughly 1.5 million women short of this goal. As such, it partnered with WE to drive an ambitious awareness campaign and close the gap in its target before the final year of the campaign was up.

In just seven months, WE had already helped Intel exceed its unique reach target for the year, helping 1.5 million women take the first step in empowering themselves through technology. By the end of the campaign, around 1.9 million women had been reached, exceeding the campaign's initial five-year target of 5 million women.