Business challenge

"We need evidence!" was the cry from media agencies and advertisers. As broadcasters, we are under increasing pressure to provide conclusive evidence that champions the benefits of BVOD. With Facebook and Google continuing to attract media effectiveness headlines across the globe the pressure was intensifying. For many advertisers they still looked better than the rest of the video advertising market with spending forecast to increase on both platforms in 2018, despite all of their problems with brand safety, measurement and ad fraud. The business challenge was clear. BVOD revenue was under threat. We needed to support our commercial teams to justify advertisers' investment in the platform; and at the same time demystify some common myths about it.

Research challenge

The study was designed with this business challenge in mind. At the very start of the process we felt that it would be more impactful if we worked together as broadcasters. We wanted to elevate the study from a "our VOD is better than your VOD" argument to educate agencies and advertisers on the benefits of the platform and dispel some myths along the way.