Agency: justONE


Hard metrics:

  • Double the number of Kiwi builders with the ITM App - 1000 downloads during the promo period
  • Get at least 5,000 sessions of the ITM App
  • Get at least 1,000 installed versions of the Go Fish! game

Soft metrics:

  • Get NZ builders to fall in love with virtual fishing!
  • Build a platform for sustained use of the ITM App
  • Increase preference for ITM among all builders


ITM wanted to step change their relationship with all builders, and be able to reach them directly. The smartphone is the ideal connector with builders. The App didn't require them to be an ITM customer, its unique functions were open to all.

Whilst very worthwhile, getting builders to actually download the ITM App wasn't easy. We needed a driver for why do it now?

We smashed together the innate sense of humour of the average Kiwi builder with their love of fishing, using gamification to get builders downloading and engaging with the ITM App through the power of a VR game - Go Fish! New Zealand's First Virtual Fishing Competition - only accessible via a link in the App.