Campaign details

Agency: Connector
Country: Ireland


At the outset, Huawei was a brand with minimal awareness and a name that Irish people could not pronounce. The brand was associated with modems and cheap smartphones, so definitely not cool or premium. Huawei smartphones were largely ignored in phone shops across Ireland and made almost invisible by the dominance of the iPhone, Samsung and Sony.

'From Snap to Shoot' was a campaign created to promote the Huawei P9 and its mission to reinvent smartphone photography.

We created an awards platform for Huawei to connect with Irish consumers passionate about photography, thereby identifying the best photographers in Ireland. With over 700,000 users in Ireland, Instagram was the perfect channel to build a campaign powered by social media.

Our online competition attracted almost 36,000 photos entries in Ireland, so this was a supremely innovative campaign with staggering results on a relatively small budget.