Capturing attention in the attention deficit economy

This article introduces a series of articles on capturing attention in the attention deficit economy. Read more.

Here's a test, go ask your friends/relatives – people who don't work in the advertising biz – which ads they can recall seeing and can recount with any kind of detail in the last month? My guess is that it will be less than the fingers on your hand.

This does not necessarily mean that today's ads lack creative communication. One big reason for this lack of recall is advertising clutter – Yankelovich estimates that we are exposed to 5,000 ads per day (and that was in 2007), vastly more than the human brain can absorb, and which has turned recipients into ad blockers.

Another big reason is the modern multitasking world we live in with the proliferation of mobile devices, social media... myriad distractions. The fact is that we are constantly distracted from the communication directed at us. Cutting through is now more difficult than ever, it is the biggest challenge facing marketers, and which is why we are devoting this last ever issue of Admap (more of that later) to the topic of Capturing Attention in the Attention Deficit Economy.