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Executive Summary

Ruthless efficiencies drive the Aldi business model; it's how we achieve such low prices for our customers.

But Marketing is more than efficiency; it's the delicate balance between efficiency and effectiveness.

Marketing at Aldi plays the long game. Building long-term partnerships built on honesty, fairness, openness and mutually high expectations.

It may sound naive but our results speak for themselves. Aldi marketing is 51%1 more effective than rivals, despite being outspent 2:12 every year.

We're a marketing team that create the right structure, so creatively we have the freedom to flourish and deliver incredible feats of effectiveness.

Effie Cases

Grocery. It probably isn't the first category you think of, when searching for examples of creative work. However, in the world of “down down” and misattributed celebrity chefs, Aldi is proving that it is smart business to break the mould, un-follow and be radically authentic in communications and beyond. In the past three years we have been awarded over 45 times across shows like Cannes, AWARD Award and Spikes. However, creativity was never produced at the expense of effectiveness. It simply isn't in the business model to do so. And as such, we have outperformed all competitors marketing memorability by at least 51%3. In addition to;

  • Being awarded the 'Roy Morgan Most Satisfied Customers' Award three times since 20124.
  • Having a near cult brand status, enabling us to achieve substantial year-on-year sales growth, as well as positive growth in the first six months of launching into two new Australian markets.
  • Producing Australia's most widely read print publication with 5 million readers per week, with engagement rates double that of our competitors' equivalent publications.5