Campaign details

Agency: Havas Dublin
Country: Ireland


As Asia's number one premium beer, Tiger Beer is available in more than 50 markets worldwide. However, while it is the world's fastest growing premium beer, Tiger's position within the Irish market was uncertain due to an increasingly competitive market which was seeing a surge in popularity for craft beers.

Recent reports from the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland and Bord Bia outlined that the volumes of beer produced by Irish microbreweries had increased by 415% to 134,000hl between 2011 and 2015, with approximately only 18% of that volume being exported. Similarly, domestic craft beer sales accounted for 2.5% of Irish beer consumption in 2015 and it was expected to steadily rise over the course of the year.

Due to this increase in competition, it was clear that Tiger Beer needed to increase trial and direct traffic to the on trade. This was especially important as Tiger Beer's bottom 100 accounts accounted for only 3% of their total volume for 2015. Subsequently, greater brand awareness was needed.