Agency: J. Walter Thompson Bangkok

Campaign Strategy

In Thailand, 95% of beer sales come from local beers with local prices. Heineken is a global, premium beer and priced as such. The brand needed to increase sales by justifying to Thai drinkers that Heineken is worth paying for.

What we found was that Thais equate the value of their drinks to the quality of the environment they are in. The more pleasing the venue, the more they are willing to pay. This insight became the basis of our campaign strategy: to make Heineken a beer worth paying for, we first made it a place worth going to.

Campaign Concept

We turned the most international beer in the world into the most innovative space in the country. Behind the Star Experience was a multimedia, multi-sensorial venue built in the heart of Bangkok. Featuring beer facts as building blocks and beer history as the blueprint, it allowed drinkers to experience Heineken's worth in a way that went beyond just taste.

Campaign Execution