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Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne

Summary: An anti-bullying solution for today

Bullying has moved with the times. And as technology has taken it from the schoolyard to social media, it's become nearly impossible to escape. Unfortunately, social media platforms haven't kept up with the need for effective measures to combat the issue.

Anti-bullying campaigns in Australia focus on raising awareness and mitigating consequences. With headspace, a youth mental health organisation, we asked: How can we address online bullying before it happens - to both protect potential victims and prevent children from becoming bullies?

The very qualities of a teenager - the need to have their views heard, the desire to be given responsibility, and most of all, a dislike of being told what to do -demanded a solution that helps develop their moral compass in a respectful and empowering, rather than didactic way.

So we created Reword. Reword works like spellcheck, identifying insulting statements with a red line, in real time, to interrupt bullying behaviour and encourage young people to reconsider what they write. And, as they contribute bullying words and phrases to Reword's lexicon, it both grows the tool's reach and gives them a sense of ownership.