Campaign details

Brand: Halo Wars 2
Advertiser: Microsoft
Agency: 215 McCann

Effie awards category context

Video games are meant to be fun to play, but Xbox was launching a real-time strategy game in a genre many gamers felt was boring. By showing how even the most mundane situations can contain a thrilling war of wits we were able to shift perceptions and drive consideration for Xbox's Halo Wars 2.

State of the marketplace and brand's business

In 2016 Xbox was preparing to launch Halo Wars 2, its second foray into the real-time strategy game genre. What is a real-time strategy game, you ask? Real-time strategy games have players build up bases. Gather resources. Amass large armies. Then direct those armies in real-time battles against the AI or other gamers. The first Halo Wars launched in 2009 at the tail-end of a golden age of real-time strategy games.

In fact, 26 different real-time strategy games had launched in 2006. Fast forward to 2016 and the number of new real-time strategy games launches had dwindled to a grand total of 2.1