Campaign details

Brand: Virgin Media
Advertiser: Virgin Media
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty


This paper tells the story of how a shift in our approach to marketing generated £633 million of incremental net revenue1 for Virgin Media and helped them take on category giants Sky:

  • by fighting facts with feeling;
  • by dialling up the brand's 'Virgin-ness'
  • by remembering John Hegarty's maxim that no matter how superior your product claim might be, 'information goes in through the heart'.

We'll show how this change in approach delivered record-breaking results for Virgin Media between Q4 2015 and Q3 2017:2

  • driving our highest ever share of broadband additions3
  • driving record-breaking pay-TV additions4
  • transforming our net revenue ROMI from £1: £1.87 to £1: £2.62 within two years;
  • and in doing so, delivering £633 million of incremental net revenue.