What was the irrefutable consumer insight?

The more experience an insurance company has with outrageous situations, the better its ability to handle my everyday ones.

Describe the marketing challenge.

The average American consumer sees a full 30 insurance ads a week. It’s a category of behemoths, one that spends over $5 billion per year, and includes the highest spending advertiser (Geico) in all of American advertising. Farmers Insurance, a respected company with almost 90 years of experience, is just a bit player in this landscape, clocking in at 9th in category spending. This means they’re just one of those 30 ads. To say Farmers is the underdog is as obvious as saying 15 minutes will save you…well, you know the rest.

This spending gap is significant because insurance is an intangible product – it has no physical form, and you don’t think you’ll need it until you do. So, getting people to choose one insurance brand over another comes down simply to Consideration, and getting onto a shopping list at the time when the need arises. Starting in 2015, competitors like Geico, State Farm, and Progressive made a squeeze play for category domination with blunt business tactics, offering discounted coverage and increasing their spend, buying awareness through their vast media presence.