Agency: DDB Mudra Group India


We've seen too many business fall cause of lack of right advertisement. So many potential business with big promises but no results. Facebook wanted to change that.

Our greatest joy was to enable Facebok to help SMEEs and MSMEs and shape their business with the right advertisement and message to the right customer. And to hear that the business is expanding because of what we do. To put it simply, we were on a mission to help the TG grow their business, one click at a time.


With the focused vision to support SMEs and MSMEs, we set out to crack a way to empower these businesses'. We conceptualized a route to touch base with various MSME's in several states and explain the benefits of the campaign to local businesses and artisans. All these businessmen would be invited to interact with the representatives of the MSME's, along with the support of the respective government officials of the state, over a Hi-Tea Event. The local businesses could access Facebook as a free medium to advertise about their business for free of cost. The activity educated them about benefits of the platform that can be also implemented to Boost Their Business