Project summary

Love is important. When you feel love for someone or something, it pushes you to do all sorts of wonderful and crazy things, e.g. getting a partner's name tattooed on your skin, camping overnight for a new phone. So it makes sense that love is also the most important ingredient for building a successful brand. Love is what takes a brand from good to great, from awareness to affinity and from buyers to followers. But how do we take advantage of this understanding and dig deep to comprehensively explore the drivers behind Brand Love? 

In partnership with Kantar Consulting, Oath conducted a series of executive interviews, consumer groups, desk research and a proprietary quantitative correlation analysis which was overlaid onto Kantar's BrandZ database. We were able to elicit the opinions of 150,000 consumers across 13 markets providing the drivers of brand love and individual brand scores. The result: We obtained the building blocks of love and the nuances across industries, generations and markets. These findings have been published across 21 media and trade titles, reaching over four million readers, been ingested into Oath's external campaign effectiveness programme and internal brand health tracker.


  1. Complete rigorous and defensible foundational research to understand the elements of brand love, including a holistic analysis of the drivers, understanding any differences by market/vertical.
  2. Create and release a robust Brand Love measure for brands that is unique and differentiated 
  3. Enable Oath to track consumer brand love for both our own and our clients products and services.
  4. Drive PR around Brand Love Index.
  5. Generate actionable insights and collateral to inform product design, consumer marketing and client conversations about what drives brand love for their brands/categories.