At a glance

Dentsu creative director Toshihiko Tanabe shares his stance on what makes an effective purpose-driven campaign. Real alignment with a brand’s core values and long-term commitment are non-negotiable factors for success.

Why it matters

Purpose-driven marketing can be a powerful way of building affinity with consumers, but brands and their agency partners need to ensure that the purpose is truly aligned with what the brand’s core is. Superficial attempts will only do more harm than good for the brand and lead to less opportunities for agencies to do more meaningful campaigns.


  1. Purpose marketing “is not just about advertising”. What a brand says, how a brand acts, and the business that they create, is all integrated under this umbrella of purpose they present to the public.
  2. Brands looking to get into purpose must be prepared for it to be a long-term commitment with no time limit.
  3. Purpose-driven marketing falls short when it is not connected to what the brand stands for deep down, or what people think the brand stands for.