Agency: Creuna


Why does not anyone talk about periods and training in sports clubs? How the menstrual cycle effects muscles and condition?

The agency brief was to set up a Nordic campaign (starting in Sweden) to create awareness about period in sports as well as building loyalty and brand awareness for Libresse. The aim was to get at least 100 clubs to join the challenge.

Libresse has a long tradition of changing social attitudes towards periods. Now the time had come to break the period taboo is sports.


In order to break the menstrual taboo in sports we created The Period Challenge. An initiative where Sweden's sport clubs were encouraged and challenged on grass-root level to begin to actively work with period matters through knowledge sharing, dialogue and new routines.

We found an amazing ambassador in Lotta Schelin, famous national team-player as well as captain in Sweden's best women's football team. Schelin, who is a huge national role model for sporty young women, became the driving force in TV-shows, newspaper articles while we used targeted ads in social media aimed at smaller clubs’ coaches, leaders as well as their young female players.