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Agency: SapientRazorfish


When the media judges female athletes by their appearance instead of their accomplishments, you have to do more than speak up to breakthrough. With "Dear Media," Dove gave everyone the power to take on media that publish offensive comments about female athletes.

We used machine learning to identify sexist media quotes in real-time and broadcast them on live billboards across North America. Then we built a site where you could not only see every offensive comment, but also take a stand by Tweeting each quote back at the publication that said it.

Users generated more than 40,000 Tweets, turning #MyBeautyMySay into a globally trending hashtag that reached an audience of more than 321 million. In the summer of 2016, Dove turned the cozy relationship between advertisers and the media on its head and showed that brands can create real change when they stop playing by the rules.

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