Darling is a hair extensions brand available on the African continent. It however lacked a coherent identity. In Nigeria, it was viewed as an old "Mummy" brand with little innovation, known by some but not loved for anything in particular. As a result of this Darling re-launched in Nigeria with new and innovative products as well as a dramatic overhaul in brand and pack imagery.

Our biggest challenge was to drive reappraisal of the Darling brand by promoting their new range of hair extensions and to also have the brand known as the most youthful and dynamic brand in the world of hair extensions that allows women to transition between any number of on trend styles.

From the onset, it was important for us to consider the consumers, who they are, where they get their information and what resonates with them.

The big idea to drive our campaign was 'Find Your Beautiful' (which will then be used online and offline as Darling's new brand message), with the aim of empowering every Nigeria woman to define her beautiful and own it, regardless of societal norms.

In line with Darling's new brand identity, we wanted to talk and connect to the young African woman who has what we like to describe as 'an unstoppable spirit'. She is progressive, ambitious and striving hard to be a success. She believes that her destiny is in her own hands and takes charge of her life, career and family. She plays multiple roles in her life and in parallel also portrays multiple looks depending on her role or her mood. One minute she can be in a classy office look and in the next she can transition to a bold party look.

Influencer Marketing

To kick off the re-launch of Darling in Nigeria we knew that engaging paid influencers would be essential to our campaign (for promoting Darling new range of products – Super soft braids, Afro Kinky & Natural twist) as consumers no longer turn to brands to inform them about what they want or need. They look to other people, people whose influence and expertise regarding a certain industry is valued among consumers.

In considering the influencers for the campaign, we looked for people who we knew would be influencers in helping us reach our key objectives: create awareness for Darling (the new products and packaging), reach new audiences as well as drive sales. Targeting women who are known for the best fashion and beauty content, regularly in magazines, seen on TV and have an engaging audience online and offline.

We identified 15 influencers from the end of July 2018 for a period of 12 months. Our paid influencer campaign officially kicked off on August 1st 2018.